Our Core Values:

Our meditation center offers a diversity of spiritual practices from many traditions and cultures.


The Shrine refers to a sacred space into which one enters to reconnect in a very intimate way with the divine. Our intent is to assist the seeker in experiencing a deeper awareness of one’s Self as the shrine wherein dwells the divine radiance. Holy Wisdom or “Hagia Sophia” is the Divine Mother of all humanity that awakens in an individual the call to a mystical and magical relationship to all existence.

Spirituality is the central focus of everything we do at the Shrine. It is about strengthening the bonds of love with Creator. We offer wisdom teachings from various traditions, inspirational services, opportunities for personal growth and healing, and uplifting worship.

Our Mission & Vision Statements:

  •  Mission Statement: To provide a beautiful sacred energetically infused space for all spiritual seekers.

  • Vision Statement:  A World fully awake to Holy Wisdom